100.000 Scrobbles

21th of December, 2022

I remember years ago in 2014 when I signed up for a Lastfm account, at that time I thought it was amazing (and I still do) the idea of being able to automatically register the music you listen to, during that time I was just getting into the world of music, mostly listened to Electronica, House, Techno and Dubstep, some renowned artists are Porter Robinson, Savant, Swedish House Mafia, among others. I listened to music using the Spotify desktop application to make scrobbles as it came with a lastfm extension, which made it quite easy.

How cute, listening music at 3am :D.

I must say that in 100.000 scrobbles my perception of music has taken so many turns, it has been a non-stop adventure. Discovering new artists to stay listening to them for months, going out of my comfort zone to listen to artists/genres that superficially didn't call my attention or because of someone else's opinions, also some disappointments (for having very high expectations) of artists that couldn't continue with the concepts that gave them their grace or simply remained stagnant.

During all these years, I found many albums/artists that marked me permanently (for better or for worse), the first of many is the album Sakura by Susumu Yokota. At the time when I discovered it, it was like finding a lost island full of undiscovered treasures. Then I just went into the rabit hole and ended up listening to all his discrography and some side projects.

Sakura my beloved.

I also discovered other more obscure artists like Coil, however, this one has a little more weight and background because I discovered it thanks to a friend who played it at a college friend's party. I must say that at the time I felt that the song was melting my brain and at the same time trying to make it explode, the alcohol I had on me didn't help much either, adding that I was practically the only survivor of the moment, the others were already MORTIS (too much alcohol).

The song in question

Ultimately, I was intrigued with the type of music I heard, something completely new to me. After that I entered the rabit hole of what Coil was and I was amazed with the variety and amount of music they had released. Unfortunately, I was too late to the party since the group was already disbanded due to the death of the main members, John Balance and Peter Christopherson. I was so fanatic that I had a t-shirt made with the cover of one of their albums.

One of my favorites covers, although musically it is not in my top 7.

Now I'm between a combination of music I used to listen to, gems I found that I still appreciate a lot and still looking for music that can appeal to my musical tastes. On the side of where I listen to music, I only listen from the music I buy digitally, completely legal 100% real. For desktop I use Foobar2k with the Audioscrobbler plugin, on mobile I use android with PlayerPro and Simple Scrobbler.

The current music scene is quite pitiful, going from being "owner" of the music you pay for to being a mere renter due to the privatization by the streaming services (Spotify, Youtube Music). I sincerely will continue buying digital copies completely legal, so I can listen whenever I want wherever I want and however I want.

Little meme I made when Youtube Music was(Still is?) charging to watch a video. Food for thought gentlemen.